WWWAC Rocks!

Check out these WWWACie bands, demonstrating that there's no end to the talents of WWWAC members. Many thanks to the bands that participated in the first WWWAC Rocks! event, a fund raiser for the Uniformed Firefighters Association's Widows & Children's Fund.

We'll be having more WWWAC Rocks! events and will also post play dates for the bands, so check back for dates and details.

The Bands:

> Pro-Choice on Mental Health
> German Cars vs. American Homes
> Noisy-Le-Grand
> Method of the W.O.R.M

Pro-Choice on Mental Health

Pro-Choice on Mental Health
Peter Dizozza is a composer with leanings toward surrealism as evidenced in his seven song cycle with monologues and mini-play, the new CD produced by Joe Bendik entitled, "Pro-Choice on Mental Health." Dizozza's works include "The Last Dodo" (soundtrack produced by Aashish Pathak), which began filming in June after a stage run, "Coppelia" adapted from the famous balletstory, and the heavenly musical mystery play, "Prepare to Meet Your Maker."

Peter Dizozza: piano, vocals
Jordan Pfister: bass guitar
Hens Breet: percussion

[ Beached - 2.5mb ][ Let Me Be - 3.4mb ][ Wallflowers - 3.9mb ]

German Cars vs. American Homes
To create more far out music. To capture the 'zeitgeist of the age'. To conquer the east village. To do a lot of coke and have a lot of sex. To sell out. To fight the Archvillain Mapplethorpe. To defend Lord Tarique*. To do that stuff, aah, do that stuff. To drink Grolsch. To build a mighty cult empire based in Astoria, Queens. To defeat international terrorism. To make enough money that we don't need to go broke paying for rehearsal time and new instruments. To have sex with you. That's right, you. To own a dog. German Cars vs. American Homes has been enslaved by the evil Mishap organization**.

To reach the Mishap organization, use this address: Mishap 32-07 31st. Ave. #1B Astoria, NY 11106 or you can actually call us at (718) 956 - 6266. Use mailbox #1.

[ Man of the Hour - 3mb ] [ In The Morning - 2.8mb ] [ Matter of Fact - 2.1mb ]
German Cars vs. American Homes

Indisputable nuggets on a swaggering rock machine...
For the last 6 years, Noisy-Le-Grand has been steadily redefining popular music as they know it. Or so they want you to believe.

Noisy first came together in an attic in Salem, MA (thats right - an attic. They started at the top.). Shortly thereafter, various Boston club owners were wondering how the hell they got on their stages. But the legend was born and soon the denizens of the Boston music scene were liberally showering them with compliments ranging from "loud" to "um . . . interesting." But as the century ended, so did their Boston residency and, with some parts replaced and some reinserted, Noisy-Le-Grand became a New York band. Now 14 million people have the opportunity to witness the Noisy-Le-Grand live experience. What more do you need to know? Nothing we can think of.

[ Buckeye - 2.6mb ] [ Polish - 2.7mb ] [ Providence (live) - 2.5mb ]

Method of the W.O.R.M
Elvis impersonator extraordinaire. Defrocked priest. Weak bladder. Lover of aphids. One man, multifaceted.

And so it is with MotWORM. Known to the list simply as grimm, he has drunk deep from the wellspring of musical extravanganza. He awoke soon after, naked and sick, covered in his own musical vomit; learning early on that if you have to be covered in vomit, your own is much better than someone else's... A childhood singing solos in church choirs, building his own recording studio at age 18, his seven years fronting a goth band with the unfortunate name of Rosary opening up for such heros as Killing Joke and New Model Army would nearly guarantee him his place in rock'n'roll heaven, no? No. now old, tired, overweight and overwrought, he records under the MotWORM guise, with Phil Puleo (Cop Shoot Cop, Swans) sometimes helping out his poor lost buddy.

Come see him fail miserably. Perhaps even wet himself. Or you.

[ Wasted - 4.3mb ] [ Burned - 4.9mb ] [ A Viral Method - 2.5mb ]
Method of the W.O.R.M.